High Five with your rabbit

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The book High Five with your rabbit is a unique book for anyone who has a rabbit. More often than not, rabbits are confined to a small space and have a relatively boring existence. This does not have to be the case! In High Five with your rabbit you learn about the kind of care your rabbit needs and how both you and your rabbit can have a more rewarding experience together.

Read everything about:

  • Developing ties with you rabbit
  • Enjoying and playing with your rabbit
  • How you can teach your rabbit football
  • How you can teach the 'rabbit dance'
  • How you can teach your rabbit agility
  • Rabbit language and what they are trying to communicate to you
  • Feeding, health and edible plants
  • How to toilet train your rabbit
  • How to deal with destructive gnawing
  • How to avoid and manage aggressive behaviour
  • And so much more ....

Version: black and white, soft cover, 256 pages. Want to know more first? Read what others have said about this inspiring and enlightening publication!
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  • "Rabbits are nice playmates, but that you can also train them is perhaps lessor known. The ins and outs of having a rabbit as a pet are treated in this book. Topics covered include: their accommodation; their health, as well as feeding and caring for them. The chapter about teaching and training them is enlightening and thorough. The emphasis lies in the SATS method in which by naming bridges and targets many animals are able to learn things. Furthermore, in a number of the annexes lists of herbs, vegetables, fruits, woody and poisonous products are provided, and referred to as recommended or not for the healthy impact on their diets.

    The book is written in a simple and encouraging manner, especially the part relating to developing training materials for your rabbit. The predominant use of coloured images adds to the attractiveness of the book.

    First time rabbit owners, as well as long time rabbit lovers can, with the help of this book, improve the bonds they have with their rabbits and thereby increase the enjoyment of having them as a pet. While the book is written in an informal manner, it is not recommended that children use it on their own, but rather under the guidance of an adult.

    The book includes a table of contents, lists of useful addresses and recommended reading. The focus on training makes this a unique publication in this field."

    Carla van der Hulst, NBD Biblion (Dutch support organisation for school and corporate libraries.

    "Your book beautifully reveals the secret essence of rabbits - their intelligence, sensitivities, abilities, preferences, needs and occupations, which make them, for the perceptive and adventurous person, wonderful companions who enrich our lives. It was an honor to meet Diesel, who, with your help, introduced me personally, to the specialness of rabbits."

    Kayce Cover, Founder of the SATS method


    "This book is about a lot more than taking good care of your rabbit. It is about how you can keep your rabbit happy. Everyone who has a rabbit should read this book. They will never look at their rabbit in the same way."

    Sacha Gaus, Martin Gaus Academie

    "For ten years, the Rabbit Foundation has been working for the welfare of rabbits. In that time we have achieved a lot. Increasingly rabbits live with other rabbits and they have lots of room to run and play. People know more and more about the needs of their rabbit and veterinarians' medical knowledge of rabbits has increased. Our rabbits are living longer and happier lives!

    Training rabbits is a relatively new development. I was acquainted with the possibility two years ago and started practicing the 'clicking' method with my own rabbits. I started with Lucky, the most suitable candidate, I thought, because he is smart and grasped things quickly. However, there was no reward, treat, for which he would really do his best. Then I started training Pluk. He would do anything for a raisin, and worked with me. I was able to quickly teach him to 'ring' a bell on command. Not only did it go well, he seemed to be enjoying himself. Showing up with the bell was all he needed to get ready. Despite my years of experience with rabbits, I had no idea they were capable of this.

    The work of the foundation continues. There are still rabbits living caged up, alone, in small hutches and rabbits which are regularly abandoned because they were too difficult to care for or the children no longer wanted them. By educating people and supporting animal shelters we continue to try to improve the situation. Books such as this one are added, and welcomed support. People can enjoy having their rabbits more, and rabbits can live happier and healthier lives. And that is what it is all about.

    Ingrid Ebbelink, Vice-Chair of the Rabbit Foundation, a foundation for people with a heart for rabbits, the Netherlands


    "This book is not only about how you can take of your rabbit, but rather how you can better understand your rabbit and how having one can be more rewarding. Bernice Muntz is first and foremost and rabbit lover, followed by being a rabbit behaviour expert. This book is recommended for all rabbit lovers who want to enjoy having a rabbit more and who wants to fully understand what makes them unique animals.

    Marco te Loo, Veterinarian at Dier en Zorgcentrum Holland (Animal Care Centre), the Netherlands


     "The LICG (National Pet Information Centre) is an independent foundation which provides information about responsible pet ownership. Through informative leaflets as well as its website, the foundation seeks to prepare people about owning and caring for a pet.

    After cats and dogs, rabbits are, not surprisingly, the most popular household pet. They are extremely cute animals and are often purchased for young children. Unfortunately this is often where it goes wrong. People are not often aware of what it means to own a rabbit, nor the time required to care for one. Young children quickly loose interest in rabbits which results in them being relegated to a too small hutch for the remainder of their lives, making them dull creatures.

    But it can be different! For those who take the time to get to know rabbits, inform themselves about them and give them space, the rewards are tremendous. They learn that rabbits can be great companions and can be a lot of fun to have. This means that like cats and dogs, rabbits too become family members.

    Training, caring for and having fun with your rabbit are not only fun, they also allow you to get to know your rabbit. This book shows you how to do just that. Whether it is useful tips – like teaching rabbits to return to their hutch on command, or relieving stress during nail clipping sessions, or simply teaching them to do 'high five', training increases the bond between the rabbit owner and the rabbit and reveals how smart and fun rabbits are. Both rabbits and their owners benefit from this.

    Saskia Ober, Knowledge and Information Development at LICG